The new ATPAC Bylaws and the Charter

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Dear Members,

The Bylaws Committee would like to once again express our thanks for your vote, feedback and comments on the revised Bylaws and the draft Charter.

The committee carefully reviewed the comments and took them into account when we made our final edits to the documents. We are pleased to inform you that at its meeting of 4 August 2012, the Board of Directors approved these documents as edited and submitted for their consideration. A copy of the new Bylaws and the Charter is now posted on the ATPAC website.

Since the Bylaws revision task is completed, the committee is now disbanded.

Artnarong Thansandote
Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
Peter Tang

Please see two attatched files for more information:

Charter of ATPAC – final

ATPAC BYLAWS – Voters approved, BoD approved – final – 120805

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