ATPAC’s support for the Royal Projects of King Rama lX

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ATPAC Board of Directors have made a motion to commemorate King Bhumibol Adulyadej by participating in the Royal memorial service in Thailand and by providing financial support for the Royal Projects of King Rama lX. For the former event, there is a cost incurred for sponsors in exchange to have 50 representatives attended the ceremony in Thailand.

We would like to invite all ATPAC members to be a part of this activity. We are asking our members to make a donation. There are 5 levels of donation.

  • Diamond at $1000
  • Platinum at $750
  • Gold at $500
  • Silver at $250
  • Bronze at $100

We will make an announcement on the ATPAC website to acknowledge the donors and their levels of donations. The first 50 people, regardless of membership status, from the top donors will be selected as representatives from ATPAC to attend the event. Attendants will be responsible for their travel expenses. The Thai Government will normally let us know the exact date with only 2 weeks notice. Should you not be able make a travel arrangement to Bangkok on short notice, we will allow your representative in Thailand to attend the event on your behalf.

If you are willing to donate, please send a check payable to ATPAC, no later than Jan 15, 2017. The address for this special donation will be:

1848 Center Ave,
CA 94553

c/o Mongkol Mahavongtrakul, P.E.

Thank you.

The Board of Directors of ATPAC

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