ATPAC hosting of the late King Rama IX’s Royal Service.

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We have received a confirmation on the request to host the Royal memorial service for the late King Rama IX. Our coordinator in Thailand notified me that our hosting date and time will be March 11, 2017 at 7:00PM. The Bureau of Royal Household (BRH) will allow 5 ATPAC representatives plus 45 participants to join this service. The representatives will be invited to seat in the Palace while the participants will be seated near the Palace entrance. One representative will be designated by the ATPAC Board of Directors and four of the five representatives will be selected from each of the top donors (by amount and by donation date). Above gold level donors can submit one name of representative and 5 names of participants. Gold level donors can submit one name of representative (if there is an available seat) and 2 names of participants.  Below gold level donors can name one participant. Please submit the names, email, US and Thai phone numbers to as soon as possible. We will finalize the name list by the end of the day on February 20, 2017 to allow time for those who need travel arrangement.

Please be aware that there is a dress code (see attached file) that the representatives and the participants need to follow strictly. BRH has the full right to decline any person whose dress is deemed inappropriate. Valid Thai Identification Card is required to enter the palace area.

We will prepare two donation transfers in the name of ATPAC, one to BRH in the amount of 99,999 baht, and the second transfer with the rest of donation amount will be sent to one of the Princess Sirindhorn’s foundations. US dollars donation will be converted to Thai Baht. Those who want to donate in Thai Baht can transfer your fund to the following account. Please do not make donation directly to BRH, or else, you will lose your place to join ATPAC for this Royal Service.

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank
Prompt-Pay Phone #: 096-978-8290

Please send a copy of transfer transaction to after you are done with your transfer.

We are also in the process of arranging three 9-seat vans to transfer our representatives and participants to the Palace. Details of the pickup and drop-off location will be provided later.

Nisai Wanakule, Ph.D., P.E.
Chair, Board of Directors

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