Electric Vehicle Community Readiness Updates

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New EV Everywhere Website
To increase public awareness of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), the Department of Energy just launched the new EV Everywhere website . This new website provides a hub of EV resources for consumers, helping them learn about available EV models, relevant incentives, vehicle charging and how driving an electric vehicle can save them money.

In addition to the consumer information, it also has a Stakeholder Solution Center that points state and municipalities, employers, fleets, electrical contractors, and utilities to the Energy Department’s major resources for EV community and organizational readiness. As we continue to improve our resources, we will expand this section with economic analyses, data on EV demonstration projects, and more.

National Drive Electric Week Social Media Campaign
To promote the new EV Everywhere site and encourage conversation about EVs, the Energy Department is running a social media campaign for National Drive Electric Week. A nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of plug-in electric vehicles’ availability and benefits, National Drive Electric Week is happening right now, with events wrapping up on September 20.

Throughout this period, the Energy Department is having a “digital word of mouth” campaign, where we’re encouraging current and potential EV drivers to share their stories through text, photos and videos. Share your and your organization’s EV stories by posting on your social media platforms with the hashtags #ILoveEVs and #NDEW2015 (for National Drive Electric Week).

For personal stories from our employees, check out our EnergySaver blog post 10 Things I Love About My Electric Vehicle, as well as our social media accounts throughout the week (EERE Facebook, EnergySaver Facebook, DOE Twitter and EnergySaver Twitter). In addition, join us on the Energy.gov Facebook page on Friday, September 18 at 2 PM for a question and answer session on EVs.

Lastly, our EV Everywhere logo contest is still accepting entries until September 25. The winning logo will be featured in EV Everywhere communications products, including the new EV Everywhere website.

Additional EV Readiness Resources
EV Everywhere and Clean Cities provide consistently updated information backed by expertise from DOE’s National Laboratories through the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s Electricity section as well as FuelEconomy.gov’s About Hybrid and Electric Cars section. The AFDC’s PEV Readiness Scorecard helps communities assess their readiness for the purchase and use of PEVs and their supporting charging equipment. Local Clean Cities coalitions can provide on-the-ground expertise and connections to a variety of stakeholders, such as local government staff members, utilities, and equipment providers. The DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge provides a variety of publications and resources to employers considering or in the process of installing PEV charging at their workplaces.


Source : http://www.afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric_deployment.html

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